Batch files containing ranges

Is it possible to define a batch file as a json/csv but using ranges?

[{"lr": 0.1:0.3, "batch_size": 100, "dropout": 0.1},
 {"lr": 0.01, "batch_size": 10:200, "dropout": 0.2}]


[{"lr": [0.1:0.3], "batch_size": 100, "dropout": 0.1},
 {"lr": 0.01, "batch_size": [10:200], "dropout": 0.2}]

No, batch files specify each set of flag values explicitly. That’s actually the point — they make everything explicit.

You can use the --save-trials option to generate random values using ranges (flag functions). Note that batch files are always saved as CSV files, even if you specify a JSON extension.