Cross referencing run id with a job's arguments

I am using guild’s tensorboard extract command so I can post-process the scalar values, very useful:

guild tensorboard -Fo train --export-scalars events.csv

The first column is the run id. Is there a way to cross reference this with the run id somewhere else in guild so I can match the runs in events.csv with the arguments that were used in the runs?

Is the best way to go through guild.ipy? Seems a row in ipy.runs().iterrows() contains which has the flags? Feels like there may be something more obvious here?


Hello! You can use guild.ipy for this but there’s a command that’s available in 0.8.2 (not yet released but a pre-release is available) that I think is better:

guild api runs

This generates JSON output that contains run info, including the full run ID, which you can use in a cross ref with the TF event output from the tensorboard command.

You can install the pre-release by running pip install --upgrade --pre guildai

Sorry for the late reply here btw!