Guild Init Errors on Windows 10

I am working my way through the example files and have run into a bug where the guild init command fails.

You are about to initialize a Guild environment:
  Location: C:\Users\{USER}\repos\ml_framework_testing\guildai\iris-svm\venv
  Name: iris-svm
  Python interpreter: default
  Use system site packages: no
  Guild: 0.7.3
  Python requirements:
  Resource cache: shared
Continue? (Y/n) y
Initializing Guild environment in C:\Users\{USER}\repos\ml_framework_testing\guildai\iris-svm\venv
Creating virtual environment
created virtual environment in 1341ms
  creator CPython3Windows(dest=C:\Users\{USER}\repos\ml_framework_testing\guildai\iris-svm\venv, clear=False, no_vcs_ignore=False, global=False)
  seeder FromAppData(download=False, pip=bundle, setuptools=bundle, wheel=bundle, via=copy, app_data_dir=C:\Users\joeyr\AppData\Local\pypa\virtualenv)
    added seed packages: pip==21.2.3, setuptools==57.4.0, wheel==0.37.0
  activators BashActivator,BatchActivator,FishActivator,PowerShellActivator,PythonActivator
Upgrading pip
Installing Guild guildai==0.7.3
Fatal Python error: _Py_HashRandomization_Init: failed to get random numbers to initialize Python

guild: Command '['C:\\Users\\{USER}\\repos\\ml_framework_testing\\guildai\\iris-svm\\venv\\Scripts\\python.exe', '-m', 'pip', 'install', '--no-warn-script-location', 'guildai==0.7.3']' returned non-zero exit status 1.

Any idea what is going on here or how to fix it? I was getting an access denied error on the Upgrading pip line for a bit until I upgraded manually ahead of time with “python -m pip install --upgrade pip”.