Help wth macOS


This guide provides details for using and configuring Guild on macOS.

Z Shell (zsh)

Z Shell (zsh) is the default command line shell for macOS. If you’re using zsh you must quote arguments that contain square brackets — [ and ]. If you don’t, you see a cryptic error message zsh: no matches found: ....

For example, use this format:

guild run learning-rate='[0.001,0.01,0.1]'

When using zsh, quote arguments that contain square brackets.

If you’re not using Z Shell, you can omit the quotes.

Alternatively, when running Z Shell you can alternatively use the noglob keyword to disable glob replacement. This lets you use unquoted arguments containing square brackets.

noglob guild run learning-rate=[0.001,0.01,0.1]

noglob lets you use unquoted square brackets.

To use noglob whenever running Guild operations, create an alias like this:

alias guild='noglob guild'