How to require multiple files from the same directory in guild.yml?

I want to call something like data/* under required files. Is this possible?

Basically, I have different datasets as parameters to my problem that I call via flags. Listing each dataset by name is not robust. Can I require all of them somehow? Thanks!

- model: modelname
        - exclude: '*.ipynb'
        - exclude: '*.md'
        - exclude: '.git*'
        - file: figs
          target-type: link
        - file: data/*
          target-type: link
      main: src.modelname
        - step: 'epoch: (\step)'
        - train_loss: 'train_loss: (\value)'
        - loss: 'valid_loss: (\value)'
         dataset = '01.npy'

If it’s not clear, my current guild.yml has a requirement section that looks vaguely like this:

        - file: figs
          target-type: link
        - file: data/01.npy
          target-type: link
        - file: data/02.npy
          target-type: link
        - file: data/03.npy
          target-type: link

where in my case each .npy file is a slightly different dataset generated by another script. I’m not sure what’s the best way to organize the workflow when I need to generate these new datasets. I could append each one here (i.e. add 04.npy and 05.npy and so on), but I was hoping there was a cleaner solution. Thanks!