Release 0.8.1

Autocompletion note

If you use guild’s autocomplete functionality, you will need to re-install the completion scripts, as they have changed. It should be sufficient to run guild completion --install.


  • Add Pydantic typing information to the core data structure
    classes. This is used to generate a schema for the guildfile.
  • Add python-based autocompletion implementation. Bash behavior has not changed,
    but more completions should now work on zsh and fish.
  • Add support for BooleanOptionalAction from argparse in Python 3.9+
  • Removes deprecated flags support
  • Update click dependency to >=8.1


  • Get tests working with Python 3.10
  • Fix issue with guild init where python version was ignored
  • Rename flags() attribute of Run class to guild_flags(), to avoid
    conflict with pandas >=1.2