Command: merge


guild merge [OPTIONS] [RUN]

Copy run files to a project directory.

By default, Guild copies run files into the current directory. To copy files to a different directory, use --target-dir DIR.

Guild checks that the run originated from the current directory before copying files. If the run is associated with a project from a different directory, or is from a package, Guild exits with an error message. In this case, use --target-dir to override the check with an explicit path.

The command fails if any file would be replaced, unless a) the --replace option is specified or b) the replaced file is committed to the project VCS and unchanged. To prevent replacement even when a file is committed to VCS and unchanged, specify --no-replace.


-F, --filter EXPR Filter runs using a filter expression. See Filter by Expression above for details.
-Fo, --operation VAL Filter runs with operations matching VAL.
-Fl, --label VAL Filter runs with labels matching VAL. To show unlabeled runs, use --unlabeled.
-Fu, --unlabeled Filter runs without labels.
-Ft, --tag TAG Filter runs with TAG.
-Fc, --comment VAL Filter runs with comments matching VAL.
-Fm, --marked Filter marked runs.
-Fn, --unmarked Filter unmarked runs.
-Fs, --started RANGE Filter runs started within RANGE. See above for valid time ranges.
-Fd, --digest VAL Filter runs with a matching source code digest.
-Sr, --running / --not-running Filter runs that are still running.
-Sc, --completed / --not-completed Filter completed runs.
-Se, --error / --not-error Filter runs that exited with an error.
-St, --terminated / --not-terminated Filter runs terminated by the user.
-Sp, --pending / --not-pending Filter pending runs.
-Ss, --staged / --not-staged Filter staged runs.
-t, --target-dir DIR Directory to merge run files to (required if project directory cannot be determined for the run).
-s, --sourcecode Only copy run source code. Implies use of --skip-deps. Cannot be used with --skip-sourcecode.
-a, --all Copy all run files. May be used with --skip-sourcecode, --skip-deps, and --exclude to copy all but the skipped/excluded files.
-S, --skip-sourcecode Don’t copy run source code.
-D, --skip-deps Don’t copy project-local dependencies.
-x, --exclude PATTERN Exclude a file or pattern (may be used multiple times).
-S, --no-summary Don’t generate a run summary.
--summary-name NAME Name used for the run summary. Use ‘${run_id}’ in the name to include the run ID.
-p, --preview Show what would happen on a merge.
-y, --yes Don’t prompt before copying files.
--replace Allow replacement of existing files. Cannot be used with --no-replace
--no-replace Fail if any target file would be replaced, even if that file is committed to the project VCS. Cannot be used with --replace.
--help Show this message and exit.

Guild AI version 0.9.0