Command: runs


guild runs [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

Show or manage runs.

If COMMAND is omitted, lists runs. Refer to guild runs list for more information on the list command.


-a, --all Show all runs (by default only the last 20 runs are shown).
-m, --more Show 20 more runs. Maybe used multiple times.
-n, --limit N Limit number of runs shown.
-d, --deleted Show deleted runs.
-A, --archive PATH Show archived runs in PATH.
-c, --comments Show run comments.
-v, --verbose Show run details.
--json Format runs as JSON.
-Fo, -o, --operation VAL Filter runs with operations matching VAL.
-Fl, -l, --label VAL Filter runs with labels matching VAL.
-U, --unlabeled Filter only runs without labels (deprecated - use ‘-Fl -’).
-Ft, --tag TAG Filter runs with TAG.
-Fc, --comment VAL Filter runs with comments matching VAL.
-Fm, -M, --marked Filter only marked runs.
-Fn, -N, --unmarked Filter only unmarked runs.
-Fs, --started RANGE Filter only runs started within RANGE. See above for valid time ranges.
-Fd, -D, --digest VAL Filter only runs with a matching source code digest.
-Sr, -R, --running Filter only runs that are still running.
-Sc, -C, --completed Filter only completed runs.
-Se, -E, --error Filter only runs that exited with an error.
-St, -T, --terminated Filter only runs terminated by the user.
-Sp, -P, --pending Filter only pending runs.
-Ss, -G, --staged Filter only staged runs.
-r, --remote REMOTE List runs on REMOTE rather than local runs.
--help Show this message and exit.


comment Add or remove run comments.
delete, rm Delete one or more runs.
diff Diff two runs.
export Export one or more runs.
import Import one or more runs from ARCHIVE.
info Show run information.
label Set run labels.
list List runs.
mark Mark a run.
publish Publish one or more runs.
pull Copy one or more runs from a remote location.
purge Permanentaly delete one or more deleted runs.
push Copy one or more runs to a remote location.
restore Restore one or more deleted runs.
stop Stop one or more runs.
tag Add or remove run tags.

Guild AI version 0.7.3