Guild run hangs / very slow

I have successfully used guild in some older project, but in this new project I am having a hard time debugging what is going on.

I am trying to do:

guild run model:train -y

But the operation hangs without any output to the console.

If I do

guild run model:train -y --print-cmd

And execute it directly with python and exact same arguments it gets executed right away.

How do I debug this behavior?

Could you run guild --debug run model:train and past the output here? Note that --debug must occur between guild and run and that you’re omitting -y. We want to see where things get stuck.

Please spot-check for any private/sensitive data such as hostnames, paths, secrets, etc. and remove those before posting.

Sorry for the late reply. I wasn’t aware of the --debug option. The issue went away after a reboot, so this can be closed. Thank you for the fast reply.

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