Guild View


Guild View is a web based application that lets you view runs and compare results.

Guild View supports these features:

  • Compare run results in a table, similar to the information provided by Guild Compare
  • View run metadata, similar to the information provided by guild runs info
  • View run files
  • View run output
  • View runs in TensorBoard

Start Guild View

To start Guild Run, run guild view from a command line terminal.

guild view

Guild starts the application and opens it in a web browser.

You can filter the runs displayed by Guild View using command options. Refer to guild view for a list of supported filter options.

Stop Guild View

To stop Guild View, in the command line terminal where you start Guild, press Ctrl-C.

Close any browser tabs that use Guild View to save memory.

Important Guild View tabs in your browser will no longer work properly after you stop Guild View in the command line terminal. To restart Guild View, close the tabs and re-run guild view from the command line. Guild will open a new tab in your browser.

Run Guild View Remotely

To access Guild View from a remote server, your local browser must have network connectivity to the remote server. This typically requires that specific ports be made available through a firewall or network router.

To specify a port when running Guild View, use the --port option. For example, if port 8080 is open on the remote server, run:

guild view --port 8080
Running Guild View at http://hostname:8080 (Type Ctrl-C to quit)

Important Guild will not automatically open Guild View in your browser when you run guild view remotely. You must open the URL show in the console terminal.