How to get the path of a guild resource

Is there a better way of doing this? I tried to use guild.ipy but didn’t have any luck

import subprocess

subprocess.check_output(f"guild open {selection} -c echo", shell=True).decode("utf-8").strip()

A slightly cleaner command would be:

guild select {selection} --path

But no, nothing in ipy for this, other than programmatically finding the run and getting it’s dir. Something like this:

from guild import ipy

runs = ipy.runs()

It’d be nice if runs supported various filters but it’s designed for programmatic selection via the dataframe interface.

A yet-to-be-officially-released API module guild._api can be used this way:

from guild import _api as gapi


This runs_list function supports all of the filters so you can do something like this:

gapi.runs_list(ops=["train"], completed=True)[0].dir

While this module is marked as private, it’s quite stable and used extensively to automate tests, which are run all the time.

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This looks great. Being able to access guild via a python interface has been on my wish list for a while :smiley: