Issue with defining source code in guild.yml

  description: Runs validation of sorting singular vectors by score
  main: tests/sort_sv_by_score
    -exclude: '*.json'

This is my guild.yml file. I have a bunch of .json files in my directory (my results logs from previous experiments). When I run this operation though, despite specifying exclude, it attempts to copy over all the .json files.

Hi and welcome! I’m sorry you’re running into this. The issue is subtle — you need a space between the dash and your exclude.

Here’s a sample project that illustrates the issue:

The Guild file:

Guild should give you some help here, not just ignore the issue! I’ll look into what’s going on so others don’t need to face this.

The next release of Guild will warn you when it sees something like this. Sorry again for the frustation!

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Thank you, appreciate the prompt response!

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