Reducing storage size of guild runs

Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to Guild and I’m trying to reduce the amount of space all of the run directories are using. In the run directory, in my results folders I see “” files that are about 50 MB. Can I delete these safely, or is it used when I use that run as a prototype for my next run?

Additionally, when I run a batch, I see that in the “runs” folder I have a directory for the batch run (e.g. 9a6…), which contains subdirectories (e.g. 5f2, 3e7, for each of the runs in the batch). Additionally, copies of these directories are also in the runs folder, at the same level as the directory of the batch run. Does this indicate that I’m doing something wrong, or is the default behavior to store these in both places?

I apologize if answers to these questions are elsewhere, I have done my best to search the documentation.

The default target-type behavior is copy; to help reduce space, you can configure it to be link instead (example). If your run is specified as a dependency, you’ll need to preserve that run for any subsequent run that is depending on it (which sounds to be the case, so probably don’t delete it).

Regarding the batch run directories, those are links to the runs, not hard copies–so no need to worry about space there.

Let me know if this helps, or you run into any other problems, thanks!

Also, you may be interested in checking out our reimplementation of guild that we’ve been working on: gage.