Release 0.7.2


Notebooks as Experiments

Guild supports running Notebooks as experiments. Run the the Notebooks ipynb file directly as you would a Python script or use the notebook operation attribute in a Guild file. See Jupter Notebook Experiments for more information.

Gist Based Remotes

Runs can be shared over gists using the syntax gist:USER/GIST_NAME for remotes. See Gist Remotes for more information.

Azure Blob Storage Remotes

Guild now supports Azure blob storage for managing runs. See Azure Blob reference for more information.

Inline Remote Specs

Remotes can be specified inline without having to define them in user configuration. Refer to Remotes for supported inline specs for each remote type.

Config File Flags Interface

Use configuration files to define flags for your operations. See Configuration Files for more information.


Guild push fails if venv/.guild does not exist yet #253

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