Specify guild home location on SSH remote

I have a remote SSH with a OS disk and a data disk. I want to put my guild runs on the data disk, so on my ssh machine I have set my GUILD_HOME=/mnt/guild_runs.

When I want to run from my local machine like guild runs --remote ssh-machine it cannot find the runs on the remote. When I run with additional debug information I see that the ssh command guild issues overwrites my GUILD_HOME env variable.

Is there a way to tell guild where my GUILD_HOME is on my remote? I know I can do venv-path, but since my venv path and GUILD_HOME directory aren’t the same, I don’t think this solves it.

I see this undocumented (sorry about that!) — you can use guild-home as a config attr for the remote:

    guild-home: /mnt/guild_runs

I’ll make sure this gets added to the docs. Sorry again.

No worries - that worked!

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