Surprise behavior - choices are applied in random/optimized searches

Has anyone been bit by this? If you define choices for a flag, those are automatically used for random options whenever you run a random or optimized search.

Quick example:

  main: guild.pass
    foo: 1.0
      default: 2
      choices: [1,2,3] 
guild run op foo=[1.0:2.0]
You are about to run op with random search (max 20 trials)
  bar: [1, 2, 3]
  foo: [1.0:2.0]
Continue? (Y/n)

Note that bar is teed up to randomly select from the three choices.

What I would expect is that Guild uses the default value 2 for bar there. To run what I want, I need to explicitly define bar like this:

guild run op foo=[1.0:2.0] bar=2

I understand the rationale, but that rationale seems wrong to me. It forces me to explicitly set values that I otherwise don’t care about.

I think Guild should rather support some way to say “use all the choices at random” - but like this:

guild run op foo=[1.0:2.0] bar=[*]  # bar value implies 'use choices w/uniform random'