Use parameters with include flags

I’m trying to use parameters to set portions of flags, but it seems that the parameters don’t affect flags which have been imported. Here’s a simple case:

- config: config
    flag-key: "{{param-key}}"

- model: model
    param-key: param-value
      main: path
        $include: config

This results in flag:
flag-key: ‘{{param-key}}’
whereas I’d want it to be the same result as if I declared the flag directly in the operation config:
flag-key: param-value

In my specific use-case I’m also getting the parameters from a config which this model extends, in case that affects the issue. Essentially the setup is that we have all parameters in a single config for organization, and there’s many models/operations which each use one of a few different sets of flags, and all flag sets reference the parameters. Any recommendations or workarounds would be appreciated, thanks!

Found a workaround of using yaml anchors instead of $include.