Command: check


guild check [OPTIONS]

Check the Guild setup.

This command performs a number of checks and prints information about the Guild installation.

Run the Guild test suite by specifying the --tests option.

Run a test file using --test FILE. Test files must be valid doctest files. See doctest — Test interactive Python examples — Python 3.11.2 documentation for details.

To verify that the installed version of Guild matches a required spec, use --version. REQUIRED can be any valid version requirement. For example, to confirm that Guild is at least version 0.7.0, use --version '>=0.7.0'. Note you must quote arguments that contain less-than or greater-than symbols in POSIX shells.


--env Limit check to environment info.
--tensorflow Check TensorFlow status.
--pytorch Check PyTorch status.
--r-script Check Rscript status
-T, --tests Run Guild test suite.
-t, --test TEST Run TEST (may be used multiple times).
-n, --no-info Don’t print info (useful when just running tests).
-s, --skip TEST Skip TEST when running Guild test suite. Ignored otherwise.
--force-test Run a test even if it’s skipped. Does not apply to tests specified with ‘–skip’.
-f, --fast Fail fast when running tests.
-c, --concurrency INTEGER Number of concurrent tests.
-v, --verbose Show more information.
--space Show disk space usage for Guild files.
--version REQUIRED Check the installed version.
--notify Send system notification when check is complete.
-r, --remote REMOTE Check remote environment.
--offline / --no-offline Don’t check for latest versions.
--help Show this message and exit.

Guild AI version 0.9.0

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