Getting more information about running queues

Good day,
Is there a way of getting deeper information about a running queue? For example:

  • Is it currently busy?
  • Which GPU was it assigned to?

by running guild runs -Sr -Fo queue I get:
[id] queue 2022-02-24 00:11:15 running poll-interval=10 run-once=no wait-for-running=no

Thanks in advance!


You’ve identified the way to get info about a queue - by looking at the queue run. You can see this via guild runs and any of the other run related operations (I think guild runs info is the other one you might use).

You can see flag assignments the same way (e.g. gpus flag, etc.)

As for what the queue is specifically doing, you can view log output. This is printed to stdout/err in the terminal where the queue is running. If the queue is running in the background, you can use guild cat --output <run> to see what’s going on (e.g. use watch guild cat --output to poll output — Guild doesn’t support following output).


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Interesting. Yes, these provide the deeper info I was referring to.