View all runs from a flag list

I’ve made a guild run OPERATION with one or more flag lists. I would now like to view all of the runs that this command started (the grid essentially). Is there a way to select these runs in guild view? I thought that doing guild view RUN_ID where the RUN_ID is the guild id of the command that initialised all of the other run (in guild view it has a + to indicate this I think, I now realise that while the + tells me that this is a run associated with a flag list, it’s the guild id of the run that was spawned first so it makes sense that using this id only gives me that run).

In a sense, I want to get all of the runs associated with the command that spawned these runs.

Your flags goes into the column label and you can filter them with guild view -l "str" [optional run number], this filter method is general for most of the guild commands.

If you want to show only a specific operation, in your guild run OPERATION you can filter them by -o "OPERATION" (replace OPERATION with your’s specified in your guild .yml file.)

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To elaborate on @teracamo’s reply, while you can filter on operation name and label, you cannot show only the trials associated with a batch.

When I do this I usually use either a range selector, e.g. if the trials consist of the last 20 runs:

guild runs list 1:20

Alternatively, you can use a date selector, which filters on start time. E.g. find the date of the batch run and use this to select runs started after that date:

guild runs list -S "after <date of batch run>"

While you can use multiple date filters, these are ORed (which I think is arguably the wrong behavior). So unfortunately while you can select a start time you can’t select an end time. I’ll look into fixing this for a future release.

Thanks for the response @teracamo, @garrett!

I will use the solutions you both proposed.

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