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I am interested in using Guild Ai and it looks like a great tool for experiment management. Does guild have a feature that allows you to view all the models you are managing in a dashboard, and from this point select one of the models to view the project in further detail using guild view?



Hi @mike, welcome!

The closest thing at this time would be to use the filter to show only runs applicable to a particular model. Guild View is the closest thing to a dashboard that Guild offers — to add what you’re looking for, if I understand you correctly, we’d enhance View.

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Hi Garret,

Thanks for the information.

It feels like a natural progression as it would be nice to manage models contained in multiple repos and then dig down deeper into specific ones, rather than have to go into specific repos first to then load view.

I don’t know how difficult that would be though. Any thoughts on how long that would take if it was something the guild team thought enhancing view was worth it?

View enhancement is slated for a post 0.8 release.

When you say repos, is this a Guild environment? View is limited to showing runs from one Guild environment. One of the planned enhancements to View is to support multiple environments, both local and remote.

Enhanced filtering capabilities, including filter by model, would be a part of this.

Unfortunately I don’t have a planned date for any of this.

I’m trying to think of a way you could accomplish what you’re looking for. You could import runs into a common environment, which would provide a single view to everything. Import currently doesn’t support linking, so you’d either have to copy or move the runs. Both have drawbacks if you simply want to use an environment for analysis (copy duplicates the files and move makes them unavailable from the original environment).

If you don’t mind the file duplication on disk, guild import (without the --move option) into a common environment should move you closer to your goal with the current functionality (0.7).

Hi Garrett,

Thank you for the reply. It sounds as if the planned enhancement is what I was asking about in my initial post. I’ll look further into the guild import method you suggested as a work-around as it could be an interim solution.

Thank you for all your help, and have a great day.