How to view logs from trials/batches

I usually use guild cat --output 89549e30 | less +G to view the stdout logs, but it seems like there is a separate logging channel for trial-level operations. How would one access these logs?

ERROR: [guild] trial efb7377f334b4b5da8411e2437771e91 exited with an error (see log for details)

The output for trial efb7377 should appear in the output for the batch run. You can verify by running guild cat --output efb7377 - if you’re not seeing output in the batch run I suspect the output for the trial is empty.

It’s possible that a trial exits with an error without generating output. The message that Guild shows points you to that output but doesn’t know when it’s empty, so it’s misleading in that case.

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Thanks for explaining! It does sometimes output (None, -9) (or something along those lines), but usually it’s just an empty output. Only happens on the remote machine though, but that might be a different issue…