"Join"-like run metadata exploration?

It would be useful if there was a way to include flag information etc from upstream runs that are set to a required resource in a given run.

For example, if in a bespoke fashion, I run a variety of validation methods downstream of a completed random hyperparameter search, I would want the ability to include upstream flags as additional columns in guild compare, Hparams, etc to look for trends against different metrics that I had not included in the upstream operation.

Is there an easy way to do this or a planned feature? I’m guessing the Python API is the way to go here but I thought I’d check.


This is something Guild needs to address. You’ve expressed the right approach I think, likening this to a join operation across tables.

Short answer, Guild doesn’t handle this.

I wrote an example though that uses the Guild API to do something along this line.

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Ah amazing! I was just about to hash this out myself but you beat me to it. Thanks!

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