Loading custom event-file summaires


I’m using tensorboardX to store event files to disk into a folder that’s different for every run.
How do I configure guild where to find these event files?


If you save the summary files to a relative path, Guild will find them automatically. If you save them outside the run directory, there’s no way for Guild to find them. At that point they are not part of the run, by definition.

The logging APIs often save to a timestamp directory by default because they assume you’re running from your project directory. But Guild runs each operation from a new, unique directory. So the recommended practice for a Guild run is to write to a consistent relative path - e.g. either directly in the run directory or in a consistently named subdirectory.

Note that the relative path shows up in TensorBoard so you can use this to write namespaced events. E.g. to keep “train” and “eval” events clearly separated.