Python / Guild Packaging

This is a thread to document the use of python packaging in Guild and for ML projects generally.


  • [ ] How to create packages for a bare model (not trained, empty) and several trained versions
    • naming conflicts?
    • automated scripts to re-package from bare?
  • [ ] proper
  • [ ] package untrained model
  • [ ] package trained model
  • [ ] test Guild packaging
  • [ ] test Guild remote execution


Today I tried out Devpi (see package server above). I really like it.
It provides a local py package repository, but it is geared to development.
I used the docker implementation above with slight modifications for versioning.
You can upload a package with a simple devpi upload in the package root directory.
I also used a bare coockiecutter template


just for a test upload and pip install


I wrote a how-to article on integrating Guild models/ops with distributions created for such projects.

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