Release 0.7.5


Project level user config

You can now define user configuration within a project using a file named guild-config.yml. This file replaces ~/.guild/config.yml when present and must conform to the User Config spec.

See Project Level User Config example for sample config defined within a project.

Support for importing PyTorch Lightning CLI args

Guild imports flags for PyTorch Lightning based CLIs. See PyTorch Lightning example for details.

Option to list all tags

The tag command supports a --list-all option, which prints a consolidated list of tags for the specified runs (all runs by default).

Notebook option to omit input cells in generated HTML

In a Guild file, specify the --html-no-input option in the notebook attribute to tell Guild to omit input cells in the generated HTML version of the notebook. See Configuring Notebook Options for details.

-D/--dep option to run command

Local project files can be linked to when running a script now using -D/--dep. This is intended to bridge to the complete dependency functionality available in the Guild file.


Summary plugins not working with TensorFlow 2 #278

Fix for FileNotFoundError when running TensorBoard for runs with long labels

Guild now handles run file names that would otherwise be too long on Windows, Linux, and Macos. See Tensorboard FileNot found error on Windows-10, guild-0.7.3.dev1 for background.

Notebook flag replacement doesn’t work with type annotation #314

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