Specifying guild home through -H doesn't work

I want to compare runs in a different path by using the -H option. My new path is called experiments:

$ ls experiments
a26ffe4727584d359e16f2a28af5dfab  cache

Now If I do:

$ guild -H experiments runs

There is no output. Same with other commands. Am I using the command run?

This is the output of guild check:

guild_version:             0.7.0
guild_install_location:    /mypath/.training_venv/lib/python3.6/site-packages/guild
guild_home:                /mypath/.training_venv/.guild
guild_resource_cache:      /mypath/.training_venv/.guild/cache/resources
installed_plugins:         cpu, disk, exec_script, gpu, keras, memory, perf, python_script, queue, skopt
python_version:            3.6.9 (default, Jul 17 2020, 12:50:27) [GCC 8.4.0]
python_exe:                /mypath/.training_venv/bin/python3
platform:                  Linux 5.4.0-48-generic x86_64
psutil_version:            5.6.3
tensorboard_version:       2.2.2
cuda_version:              10.0.130
nvidia_smi_version:        440.100
latest_guild_version:      0.7.0.post1

You need to store your runs under a runs subdirectory. Take a look at Environments – that shows a complete structure for what Guild home should look like.