TensorBoard Hparm Parallel Coordinate View Problem


I’m having an issue with the TensorBoard Hparm Parallel Coordinate View. It seems to be duplicated the axes on the lower half.

This happens when I make a new project and just follow the get-started.ipynb file.

I’m using a Mac and Safari browser, and here are the versions info:

guild_version:             0.7.3
tensorboard_version:       2.6.0

Additionally, when I remove one of the variables, the entire plot grows at least 30% in size. Is there a way I can keep this constant.

Lastly, runs in a notebook don’t seem to save an output.index file and guild view throws an error from this.

Thanks for the help! Let me know if I need to share anything else.

Can you share a minimum working example?

In this case you’re running TensorBoard as provided by Google (Guild doesn’t monkey patch TensorBoard or otherwise modify it. I find TB to have a number of strange sizing issues. The underlying framework Google uses is very complex and hard to contribute to/fix so our strategy has been to “take it as is and be forever grateful” :slight_smile:

Things I try in these cases:

  • First and foremost, after modifying Guild runs (new runs, deleted runs) restart TensorBoard — the dynamic behavior works well in most cases but in some cases TB just doesn’t handle new data well. A restart often cleans that up.

  • Play around with browser zoom - sometimes that balances out strange font and UI sizing.

  • Play with resizing the browser window.

I wish I could give you a better answer here — I’m basically blaming TensorBoard for all of this. But in this case, Guild really isn’t involved beyond laying out the TB log dir.