TensorBoard HPARAM not working

I am trying to use the HPARAM tab in tensorboard together with guild

guild --debug tensorboard 1

When I navigate to the HPARAM tab this is what I get:

The runs are not actually showing up. Any idea why this is happening? There are no errors in the debug output from guild.


It’s hard to know from this view.

In the debug output, you should see some info about Guild’s handling of hparam entries in the TF event logs. I’m using the Get Started train.py to test.

Generate a run:

guild run train.py -y

Run TB:

guild --debug tensorboard 1
DEBUG: [guild] hparam experiment: hparams=['noise', 'sourcecode', 'x'] metrics=['loss', 'time']

And the view is as expected:

The fact that you’re seeing an HPARAMS tab in TensorBoard indicates that the TF logs in fact contain the hparam entries.

The issue may be in the selection state in the left panel—you may have some settings there that are filtering out the runs. TB may be using some defaults that automatically filter out the runs.

I’m using TB 2.8.0 as well FWIW