Precision-recall dashboard not showing

Hi Garrett,

I think this should be fixed in rc10 ( but unfortunately I am still not seeing the PR dashboard when viewing results through Guild. I can try to make an MWE if needed but is there an obvious gotcha’?

To be clear, if I navigate to .../.guild/runs/{RUN_HASH} and run tensorboard --logdir . then the PR dashboard shows up. If I call guild tensorboard there is no sign of that dashboard.

I am explicitly saving the precision-recall event files in a scalars folder in the run directory. I can send/upload one of these event files if that would help debugging (the example one is only 400B)? N.b. the info in event files that don’t contain the PR curves do show up in guild tensorboard.

Thanks again for the hard work.


Shoot I’m sorry it’s not working - thanks for checking this!

I’ll reply on the GitHub issue so the record is one spot.