User Config Reference


Guild user configuration can be specified using one of three methods:

  • In ~/.guild/config.yml (default)
  • In guild-config.yml located in the current working directory (e.g. defined alongside guild.yml in a project)
  • In a file specified by the GUILD_CONFIG environment variable (overrides the two previous methods)

Note User configuration is defined using only one of these methods. If a project contains guild-config.yml it will be used instead of ~/.guild/config.yml. In this case, if you want to use default configuration (i.e. defined in ~/.guild/config.yml) use GUILD_CONFIG=~/.guild/config.yml in your command or copy the required settings to guild-config.yml.

The following sections document the type of information defined in user configuration.


Section heading: check

guild check can be configured by defining any of the attributes below under a top-level check mapping.

Check Attributes


Flag specifying default offline mode for checks (boolean)

When offline, Guild will not check for latest versions and will instead show unchecked (offline).

Default is no.

Check Examples

Don’t check for latest Guild AI version by default:

  offline: yes

Note, you can use --offline or --no-offline when running guild check to override this setting.


Section heading: diff

guild diff can be configured by defining any of the attributes below under a top-level diff mapping.

Diff Attributes


Command used when diffing two paths (string)

Two paths are appended to this command as separate arguments — one for each applicable run path.

Diff Examples

Use Meld to diff runs:

  command: meld


Section heading: remotes

Remotes provide configuration that Guild uses for remote-related operations. A remote operation is specified by using the --remote option with the name of remote configured in this section.

For example, the following command starts an operation on a remote named my-host:

guild run train --remote my-host

In this case, my-host must be defined under remotes in user config:


Refer to Remotes Reference for details on configuring remote types.


Any update on the project level configuration files?

Not in yet but I’ll make sure they’re in 0.7.4.

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This is committed to master and will be available in 0.7.5.