Command auto completion available to try in 0.7.1.rc1

0.7.1.rc1 is available as a pre-release version. You can read about the enhancements and fixes here.

On of the more compelling features, at least from my point of view, is command auto completion. This lets you fill in commands, options, and arguments by pressing Tab in a supported shell.

Supported shells are bash, zsh, and fish. If you’re running Windows and your terminal supports any of these environments, you should be okay. Otherwise Guild doesn’t support auto completion on Windows.

To setup auto completion, install the latest pre-release.

pip install guildai --upgrade --pre

It’s always a good idea to run check to verify that you have the expected version.

guild check

To install support for Guild auto completion for your shell, run:

guild completion --install

This commands modifies the applicable shell init script making a backup of the original.

Note If you want to preview the support without making changes to your shell init script, you can generate the auto completion config by running:

guild completion

If after reviewing the configuration you want to apply it to your current session, run:

source <(guild completion)

To test auto completion type guild with a space and press Tab:

guild <press Tab to list commands>

When you provide a partial argument, Guild limits the completion options to match your starting characters. If there’s only one option available, Guild fills it in.

Auto completion is supported for all commands, command options, and most arguments. A few highlights:

  • Available operations are completed for guild run <Tab>.
  • Operation flags are completed for guild run <op> <Tab>.
  • Run IDs are auto-completed for run arguments.
  • Paths are completed for open, ls, and diff commands. E.g. guild open -p <Tab> shows available paths for the applicable run.

Please feel free to reply to this topic if you have any questions or run into issues. We want to make sure this is a solid feature before releasing 0.7.1.

Thanks for checking it out!