Release 0.7.0


0.7.0 is an important Guild AI milestone. It represents eight months of active development in direct response to user input. It’s the baseline release for the new community website It comes with rewritten documentation. For this reason we don’t list changes in this document.

If you’re unfamiliar with Guild, check out its features.

To install, run:

pip install guildai --upgrade

Check your installation:

guild check

Get Started

If you’re new to Guild, see Get Started with Guild AI.

If you’re a Guild veteran check out Use Guild in Your Project. This tutorial presents a framework for applying Guild to your work. It has lots of helpful tips.

Keep an eye for a series of guides and examples. To keep up-to-date, sign up here.

Communite Site

This community website is an integral part of Guild AI. It’s where users collaborate. It’s how you can get the most out of Guild. If you face issues with 0.7, let us know by creating a topic #troubleshooting. Expect routine, high quality releases that solve the problems most important to you!

And Thank You

Heartfelt thanks to the many users who take time to report issues and give constructive feedback. We hope you feel rewarded by 0.7. If there’s something missing, please don’t hesitate to “bump” the applicable GitHub issue to let us know — or open a topic here.