Using other Guild features remotely (beyond guild view)

Maybe what I’d need is simply guild pull…

I’m wondering how I can use other guild tools (other than view) remotely, like:

  • guild open -p plot.html
  • guild diff -p plot.ipynb

I guess I can look at plots through guild view remotely, but to actually diff a notebook, maybe I’d need to guild pull it locally first… and then it’s simple.

Is that the best way to do this? (i.e. use guild pull to guild diff a notebook (which was remote before being pulled))

I know that I can use guild compare just in an ssh shell, etc… that’s fine… but graphical diff of notebooks would be nice… I’m guessing I just need to use guild pull.

A simple guild pull should be sufficient here, yes.

You could explore if you can do some X11 ssh forwarding, but either way you need the two guild runs you want to diff on the same machine.